Your Cosmic Bowling Experience In Winnipeg!

Academy Lanes West Glow is your Glow Bowling experience in Winnipeg.  Disco Lights, Black Lights, and Runway Lights.  LOUD heart pounding music.  Our bowling lanes even glow in the dark during our Glow Events!

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Glow Bowling - A Great Party for Everyone!

Kids & Families

Every day before 9pm we keep the volume low for for families, schools and daycare groups. We also keep the music family appropriate. We can put up the bumpers to keep kids bowling balls on the lane and help their chances of hitting the pins!


After 9pm, we turn the music up and the lights down even lower for a great nightclub atmosphere!

Join us for a night of Glow and bowl under the disco lights and loud music.  Give us a call at (204) 421-9404 for Glow Times.

We also offer great Glow bowling parties for kids, teens, and adults!

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