Covid Guidelines

Guest safety is our top priority. In these uncertain times we are taking every step possible to ensure the safety of our guests and ensure physical distancing measures are in place as well as extensive sanitation measures.

  • Masks are required to enter our facility. You may remove your mask while you are at your table, must but put it back on to move around the building.
  • At the beginning of every day, we sanitize ALL bowling and pool balls, as well as ball returns and touchpads. As well as after every single group.
  • At the beginning of every day, we sanitize ALL tables and chairs. As well as after every single group.
  • At the beginning of every day, we sanitize both bathrooms. As well as every 20  minutes.
  • At the beginning of every day we sanitize all door handles, counters, and other frequently touched surfaces. As well as every 20 minutes.
  • We are ensuring physical distancing by making sure there is 1 lane (8 feet) between every group.
  • There are several hand sanitizers for public use throughout the establishment.
  • All Staff are required to wear face masks while on shift. Staff are also required to do a health check before they are able to clock in for their shift. If a staff member is sick, they are required to stay home.
  • Bowling shoes are sanitized inside and out after every single use.
  • We are giving out only disposable plates and food containers to reduce the amount of touched objects.

If there are any concerns, please to not hesitate to contact management at zack@academylaneswest.