Best Kids Birthday Parties in Winnipeg

Best Birthday Party in Winnipeg

Kids and Parents Vote our kids birthday parties #1 in Winnipeg. We understand that home parties are a lot of work! You have to pick a theme, get invitations, decorate, cook, entertain, and then cleaning up after the guests leave!

When you’re looking for the best birthday party venue in Winnipeg…call us, we’re the place you want to be!

Here's A Great Idea...Let Us Do All Of The Work!

You want the party to be perfect and we know it can be stressful! So give us a call and let us do the work! We have an easy and affordable solution for every budget and groups of any size! Come on down for some glow bowling, pizza and good times!

Take a look at our packages below! Bowling is a sport for all ages, that’s what makes it so great for children as young as 3 years old!

*Kids Birthday Party Packages are available every day before 8:45 pm.

All party packages listed below include plates, napkins, forks, spoons & a knife to cut your cake.

Want some more info? Fill out our info request form and we"ll reach out to you.


$50 deposit required.

If you are looking for somewhere private to open presents and eat, our premium parties include use of our party area for 1 hour.
To get use of our Party Room, all lanes in your party must be doing one of these two packages.



up to 5 people per lane


  • 1 lane for 1 hour of bowling
  • 1 hour in our party room
  • Party supplies
  • 1 large 16" 2-topping pizza
  • 1 Pitcher of Pop in the Party Room 

*taxes not included*



up to 5 people per lane


  • 1 lane for 1 hour of bowling
  • 1 Bottomless Pitcher of Pop
  • 1 Bucket of bottomles Popcorn while you bowl
  • 1 hour in the Party Area
  • Party supplies
  • 1 Large 2 Topping Pizza

*taxes not included*

Looking for an awesome cake??

We have seen some amazing birthday cakes roll through these doors! Follow the links below to see some of the amazing work these talented folks can do!

Check out some of these awesome cakes from Cake-ology!